Total Tease – Fonzie Review

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When sent me the fonzie i couldn’t test it for almost a week. The whole week i had it next to my bed, looking at it every now and again. This made me anticipate testing it even more, so when my family went out of town this weekend, i knew i’d get my chance to test it, finally.

First, i’ll talk about the packaging. It took me 10 minutes to get the box open. That’s not eden’s fault, but it had to be said because it annoyed me greatly. When i finally got it open, there was my fonzie, and two extra things. The first was a pamphlet about toys and materials, and the next was the magazine eden puts out called ‘Sex is…’ i read through the pamphlet, which would have been very very useful to me last time i wrote a review, rather than trying to look up a simplified definition of ‘phthalates.’ It also walks you through the safety of each material toys are made out of and it talks about how to maintain your toys, as well.

The pamphlet!

The magazine included was incredibly interesting, and i really enjoyed reading it. These two things inside the box were both things that i really thought were awesome for eden to include with shipping, and if i had the funds, i would subscribe to their magazine.

The fonzie came in a cardboard package that held a plastic case. It did not include the 2 AAA batteries the toy requires. Thankfully, i have enough batteries to run 20 fonzies at once, so i had no problem providing my own.

The Fonzie in the box

The fonzie is made out of silicone, which was one of the major pluses about it when i looked at it. i was determined to pick something made out of silicone instead of TPR, which is what i somehow ended up with for 2/3 of the toys i own. TPR isn’t nearly as easily cleaned as silicone, so i wanted to try something silicone instead, of course, that limits the types of lubes you can use with it (no silicone lube with silicome toys) but it is a fair tradeoff for me. The fonzie was firm yet soft, and it felt velvety to the touch. There wasn’t really a scent, but just in case, i washed it with soap and water (toy cleaner works too, and you can also boil it or stick it in the dishwasher, just make sure the cap is on tight). It has this cool system for taking off the cap where it kinda feels like you’re going to break it, but then the cap just pops off. Inside is a little ring that keeps it waterproof, and it’s a little tough to get the cap back on, but i managed quite nicely. The toy itself is a very cute blue color with these wonderful ridges on it, and a clit stimulator with a little round nub. It’s about 6 1/2 inches long, but about 4 1/2 inches are insertable, which should be enough to reach most women’s g spot. The button that changes vibration modes is at the very bottom, and one top turns it on, then one tap afterward flips through the modes, and to turn it off, you have to hold down the button for a few seconds. There’s your typical low, medium, and high vibrations, then 4 settings of different combinations of the three. Of the toys i have, this is the quietest, while still being powerful.

In use, the vibrations felt great in the shaft of the toy, but were less strong in the clit stimulator, and it didn’t even reach my clit at all! : ( Big disappointment, but the shaft did plenty of work on its own. The curve in the shaft of this toy reached my g spot perfectly, but with the combination of the clit stimulator not reaching my clit and accidentally tapping the button a few times, i can see how this toy wouldn’t work for everyone. It was definitely something to get used to using, but once i figured it out, it felt great. Still not as good as the rabbit dildo i have, but i suspect that’s because i’m still not totally used to using it yet. We’ll see.

Overall, i enjoyed the fonzie, even if it didn’t reach my clit (boooo!!!) the settings and the powerful vibrations in the shaft easily made up for it, as well as the ridges. The material is also really great, since it’s easy to clean and is still soft. The insertable length is short, but it reaches the g spot just fine so it’s no problem. However, the button changing the vibrations is easy to press, so it takes some getting used to. This toy is also waterproof, which i suspect i will appreciate a lot more once i get back to my dorm. This toy also seems like a travel-friendly toy that i might enjoy bringing with me, should i need to travel.

Overall, i will give this toy 4 out of 5 Stars : )

Sexis - a provocative sex magazine at


The End of Summer

i made a list a while back of what i want to do over the summer. Some of it i did. Some of it i have made plans to do. Some of it i didn’t do for different reasons. i am pretty proud of myself anyhow though. The biggest achievement for me was learning how to cook, and while i’m not amazing at cooking yet, i am pretty competent, and that can get me through most things. When i cook, it’s often a dish with lots of veggies, so i have starting going back to the local produce store, which is great, and MUCH healthier than what we have been eating. On top of that, i have been wearing more skirts. i have some very nice flowy skirts that barely get to see the light of day, and there really was no reason for that. i also stopped being trolled, which i was almost there with before. This was the goal i put in the list that i was certain wouldn’t take much work to achieve. It’s my way of making sure i can’t fail entirely and also it helps me keep motivated to know i got to cross something off of my list. i also have been getting out pretty regularly lately, thanks to my sister getting ready to go to Notre Dame this weekend.

i did not, however, get to do a lot on my list. i couldn’t go to NH due to lack of money, and i didn’t have any money because i couldn’t get a job (crossing my fingers for a job at a buffet… The manager was very nice), and i didn’t really try out the bus due to lack of funds as well. i also didn’t get to go to NY for a sundress…. i’m hoping i can afford one during the school year. Maybe next spring i’ll bug my roommate to go to Atlantic City with me and i’ll dress shop, but she’s not a dress kinda girl herself, so i’m not sure how much fun she would have. i also didn’t watch any big movies. This just didn’t happen. It should have, but didn’t. i don’t really have the connection to download any movies tonight, but i’m hoping when i get back to school my roommate will bring some and we’ll watch them on her nifty flat screen tv.

On my list of things that i feel i can accomplish before school starts is learning how to do my hair and makeup in ways that are simple and pretty. i don’t have a need for something elaborate or crazy, just a little knowledge to help me if and when i need to use it. Over this weekend i am also getting rid of what i won’t use in my dorm. This means going through the boxes and not taking what i won’t need. There’s a lot of that sort of stuff in those boxes : ( Those things are going to go into a garage sale that will hopefully be going on sometime mid-September.

i’m still working out financial aid. It’s still not worked out. Hence why i’m freaking out and not blogging or doing anything other than laying, paralyzed by stress, in my nice warm bed. There’s only so much good that can do. Getting out lately has been nice, but i found myself coming home and going back to bed, curling up and either surfing the web (doing nothing productive, really) or sleeping. i am looking forward to when this is over and done with, so i can worry about less important things. : P



i thought about it, and the part of the blog where i link to news… It’s stuff you guys know, or probably don’t really care about. Unless you’d really like me to start doing it again, i’m just gonna stop putting it at the end of my posts : P

What a Girl Wants…. What a Girl Needs….

i haven’t been doing much that is productive for the past week. i’m honestly stressed out about paying for college (the state grant keeps not being posted on the school website, and i’m worried that they are going to make me call again and again until it’s too late to get the money) and haven’t been thinking about much. Last night, at 10PM, i went with my mom and my little sister to see Toy Story 3. Getting out was nice, and i feel a lot less stressed (though i have to call them again tomorrow because it’s getting a bit ridiculous), so i figured i’d write while i had something to say.

i was thinking about relationships recently, for some odd reason, and i remembered what a good friend once told me. He liked to compare true love to a candle flame. May not be huge, but steady light. i like to think of Dominance that way. i think i would have a hard time taking a Dominant seriously who is caught up in the mindset ‘I am Dominant, hear Me roar!!!’ This sounds bad to those who met me when i first learned about D/s, because i was the same way about being submissive. i still am, sometimes. At least i recognize it and tone it down now, though. i guess the type of Dominance i would like to see in my Dominant would be the type of Dominance that doesn’t have to be spoken. Whether or not He is tying me down or beating me up, i would like to feel like i am His. i guess for me that sounds like a stability that is slightly more defined in a D/s relationship than in a vanilla one.

Oh, and speaking of something that is a difference between a D/s relationship and a vanilla one: i read this thread on fetlife about someone whose husband is naturally Dominant, but she was asking whether or not to introduce him to fetlife or the lifestyle formally, even though he seemed to lean that way naturally. When i read it i was very confused. If one is getting what they need out of a relationship, why would they change things? i’m lucky because i feel like i need very little from my significant other. i’m very very low maintenance. i could never imagine having kink in the bedroom and thinking ‘gee, i wish he would identify himself as my Dominant…’ If i’m not fulfilled, i would absolutely understand talking to him about BDSM, but if i am getting what i need, then what’s the point?

i have also been thinking about how in a relationship, we have needs and wants. In certain D/s dynamics, it’s the job of the Dom to take care of the sub’s needs and not the Dom’s job to take care of the sub’s wants. i was thinking again about what i need in a relationship and if i considered it to be fair… And of course i do, but i wonder what it is other subs need from their Doms. i guess that’s just out of curiosity, though.

Tonight, i am cooking soup again, but this time adding chicken : ) i really liked it last time, and this time it’s going to be even better!!! i’m super excited. Off to the store now… Wish me luck!! : )


Getting Better

Lately, not only have i had this lovely writer’s block, but i have been feeling very anti-social, and thus for the past few days i’ve been getting myself out of that mood. i think cooking did help, though.

i made that meatloaf the day after my last blog post. It came out tasting good, but it wasn’t so pretty…. i guess pretty comes with experience, right? i’ll post the recipe if anyone wants it, but it was a southwest meatloaf with lots of peppers and onions. Cutting the onions wasn’t much fun because i only knew how from the video game ‘Cooking Mama’ and though that got me through it fairly well, i wasn’t prepared for how slippery they are, so the diced onions were very oddly diced… Now i wanna play cooking mama….. That game actually taught me how vegetables are supposed to be chopped. At first, my mom was trying to walk me through it, and she was really surprised i knew how to do it. i thought it was because i watched her, but honestly i don’t think i ever did, and then i had this image in my mind of how the game would do it and i knew how to chop the veggies. Things aren’t as easy as Cooking Mama makes them look, but for the most part it was useful. Yesterday when my mom and sister were out shopping, i started prepping for corn chowder. The chopping was a lot easier than for the meatloaf and the diced onions looked a little more professional. i also got to chop leeks, which was interesting. i hadn’t ever had leeks, so it was fun to be able to taste them in the soup. Also, i couldn’t find the potato peeler, so i had to use the knife to slice the skin off instead. The recipe called for normal and sweet potatoes, which was interesting. Overall, it came out well. my mom said it tasted like something we would buy at the stone, but i’m not sure it’s that good. i guess i’m just not used to such a taste. i blame the leeks and all the other fresh ingredients. : P

So now i feel like i have my confirmation that i can only cook on hard mode, which is weird, but that’s ok. However, i did manage to make a brownie in a disposable coffee cup without burning it or the cup : P yay for me! i also have veggies that i manage to cook without burning, too. i’m especially fond of cauliflower, and have found that i’m not a big fan of whatever bean is in this mix. It tastes like beach sand. : (

i haven’t really been thinking about BDSM lately since i’ve been so anti-social i haven’t even really looked at fetlife much. i think i’m finally over it, though. The worst is over! : ) Going to go see my friend soon (was supposed to be yesterday or today, but she has been sick and not able to answer me) and we’re going to make cupcakes with a twist…. We’re baking them in ice cream cones! : ) i also have dinosaur sprinkles i’m bringing… i have this love for dinosaurs. Not sure why, but when i become a teacher, i think that’ll be the theme of my room: dinosaurs. : ) That works, since i’ll be a history teacher! So the plan is: ice cream cone cupcakes with icing and dinosaur sprinkles! : )

And while i hang with her, i don’t even have to worry about my financial aid anymore! i called them probably 5 times because they kept saying my address was invalid, but this time i got a definite ‘you were accepted and your award letter goes out on Friday.’ That’s a big worry off my shoulders, since i’m having trouble getting a job to pay for school, and i don’t think i should go over 15,000 dollars in debt for one semester, nor do i think i could get a loan that big. i’m really excited to get back to my dorm with my friends where things stay positive and i can go where i want when i want… Only thing i’ll miss is cooking, i’ve actually been enjoying cooking.

Anyhow, that’s what i’ve been up to : ) next time i write, it’ll be more fetish-y!


In The News

A woman in Utah who has two ovaries got pregnant twice and now has two babies due one week apart.

i actually heard about this before: a site lets you plug in a passage from your writing or that of an author and tells you who you write like. Apparently Stephanie Meyers writes like Stephen King, from what i’ve read from other sites.

Points for awesome: 17 year old amish boy who led police on a a horse and buggy chase.

Then a teacher who faked brain cancer to get time off of work. Is teaching really that bad?

Also, canned sandwiches now exist! : ) Yay!

New sea creatures have been discovered! : )

Trying Something New

Lately i’ve been trying to keep myself busy. This does mean less blogging, but it also means trying new things! : ) So, today, i’m making a meatloaf recipe i came across online as ‘easy’ and ‘healthy.’ Hopefully it’s both, because i’m really not a very good cook. i was trying to make a 3 minute brownie in the microwave and not only did the brownie not have enough cocoa in it, the cup i was ‘cooking’ it in melted. Bummer!! If i get it right, i’ll be super happy, though! : ) i’m hoping it’s like DDR. i simply cannot play DDR on light mode, i have to play it on heavy mode or i suck majorly at it. Video games are not real life, and i know that, but i’m hoping that i’m really great at ‘heavy mode’ cooking, even though i suck at ‘light mode.’

i’m in a very good mood today. i feel like anything i want is at my fingertips and i can do anything. If you’ve felt that before, you probably understand how good it feels. i played around with my makeup today, as well, seeing what my huge makeup box had in it. i still can’t quite identify what certain things are for. i kept going to my mom asking ‘do you know what this is?’ and she’d laugh and tell me. The biggest confusion was between blush and eyeshadow, but there were really thick pencils that i just didn’t know… She said they go around your eyes? i’ll be trying it tomorrow. i don’t know what i’m going to do with the ones that i don’t like or can’t figure out how to use, but i’ll cross that bridge when i come to it. Hey! my sister doesn’t have makeup! Maybe i’ll send it with her to school! : P That is, if she isn’t taking a bus out there… my sister is going to a really good school, which is great, but that means it’s far away from here. Not sure how that’s going to work for her, since i have needed help from my mom from time to time. Laundry next semester is going to be interesting, since i won’t be spending much time at my mom’s house, and i certainly won’t be able to use her washer once she moves far away from my school. This year coming up should be very interesting : P

On a BDSM note: i was looking at a fetlife group called Ponderings (if you’re on fet, join it, it’s a really great group) and there was a topic made by ‘the mayor’ of the group about whether or not friends in the lifestyle are closer to us than vanilla friends. i thought that was a really interesting topic but couldn’t really talk about it since i don’t hang out with lifestylers in real time, but i’m very curious about it. i don’t feel like my friendships would be much different. With me, you pretty much get what you ask for. If someone asks me about something i’m very honest about it. i don’t find myself around people who are closed-minded so it has never been a problem for me. i’m not going to be running into a lifestyle friendship talking about ‘oh, you should see these bruises on my ass!!!’ (ignoring the fact that the Dom that is considering me is far away and can’t leave those bruises on me right now) However, something like ‘i got a cute little flogger!! Look!!’ would probably be said to both vanilla and lifestyle friends. i’m wondering how Y/you feel about it, though, since it’s such an interesting topic. : ) Hoping to get some interesting replies!

In The News

The Etch-a-Sketch turned 50 years old yesterday. : )

And a mother who gave her son up for adoption didn’t get her yearly picture of him so she looked him up on facebook and ended up having sex with him.

A drunk man decides to take a crocodile for a ride and survives.

Tea Partiers decide that Obama is Hitler and put up a billboard with his picture next to Hitler’s and Lenin’s. Well, that’s great and all, but anyone with a brain is going to say ‘what in the world…’ Even i’m confused, and i’m not big on politics, but this is pretty extreme.

And today, 1,300 people in Utah have been fingered as illegal immigrants by a large group of people, who had phone numbers, social security numbers, even the due dates of the pregnant women. While i can understand why citizens would be upset about illegal immigrants, this sort of vigilante behavior is scary to me, especially when the people who sent this letter in to the newspapers have been watching the people on the list in their day to day life.


List of Things to Do Before Summer Ends

i was thinking about things that i want to do before summer ends, as a way of moving forward with my life. So, i made a list, and i’m going to share it with Y/you all, because i want to : P

1 ) Get a job

2 ) Travel to NH for a weekend (at least!)

3 ) Make a mini NY shopping trip for a sun dress : )

4 ) Wear more skirts

5 ) Get better at applying makeup

6 ) Learn to cook (this is really general, i’m just shooting for the moon and hoping that i’ll be proud of myself by the end of summer)

7 ) Get out more (swimming, hanging with friends, walking, taking pictures. i don’t have any excuses, there are friends of mine in town.)

8 ) Get to a munch. At least one.

9 ) Learn the bus schedule and take the bus somewhere. Anywhere. Without worrying that i’ll miss my stop. Then take the bus back.

10 ) Watch a few big movies… Star Wars… The Matrix… Fight Club…. Any suggestions?

11 ) Learn an easy way to do my hair that looks good.

12 ) Eat healthier. (i don’t intend to cut every carb out of my diet, but thinking more vegetables and less artificial stuff. That goes hand-in-hand with cooking)

13 ) Stop being trolled. (to be trolled is to be riled up by someone on the internet. At least, that’s my definition of it, but others have slightly different definitions.)

14 ) Get organized for school. (figure out what i need and throw out or give away what i don’t so that i have very little to bring to my dorm room. i learned last semester i don’t need much.)

That’s the list right now. It’ll change, i know it will, but it’ll probably get longer rather than shorter. i’m thinking about making a page for it that’ll update, but i don’t know yet if i will. : P Today i made a shopping list, and tomorrow i’m going shopping for food for the week, but i’m not done yet! Thinking up more things to cook and getting together another trip to my college town to apply to more places tonight. i also promised a friend i’d write out a short guide to a dungeon in an MMO we play together, and i have to log in in roughly 20 minutes to gather with the other 199 people who i play with, though it’ll likely only be 120 tonight, as some of the Europeans aren’t keen on waking so early. In fact, while it’s almost 10PM here, i will log into a voice chat program and wish probably 100 people ‘good morning!!’ : ) Off to find another recipe to write down before i have to log in and meet up with my friends!

In The News

A supposedly 130-year-old woman celebrates her birthday, but can’t produce anything showing when she was born, so she can’t have the title as world’s oldest person. Am i the only one thinking ‘god, i wonder what she thinks about today’s world, in comparison with the early 1900s?’ (

The federal government started doing ‘silent raids’ fining companies who employ illegal immigrants and telling them to fire the immigrants, which i think is a good move. As the article says ‘no drama, no trauma, no families being torn apart’ (

Also, businesses using Cleveland fan’s fury against Lebron James to make a buck (



i’ve been really sleepy lately, you know why? Dehydration. And no matter how much i drink, i just end up feeling sick and it doesn’t go away. Annoying.

This reminded me about a thread i read before on fetlife about ways that submissives give service to their Doms. Things like ‘taking care of your body by eating right and exercising.’ It seemed interesting that those things were included on people’s lists, especially when i often find myself doing something dumb because i wasn’t thinking about myself, usually my focus is on something else. It might be a good idea for me to sit down and write out all the things i could do to give service to my Dom, especially since it’s likely we’ll be far away from one another. i thought that that realization might be useful to anyone reading this, but maybe it isn’t : P

As for anything else i’ve been thinking about: last night i was talking to Sambuddy about someone else i talk to and how they don’t ‘move forward’ in life. i remembered Sambuddy saying once before something about seeing in others what one most dislikes about themselves. So i was thinking about how i’m moving forward. Really, right now, i’m applying to places to work. However, other than that, i pretty much lurk fetlife, facebook, wander the house, and exercise when i remember about it. i’m going to keep thinking about the idea of ‘moving forward’ and make a list of things i want to get done by the end of this summer. i can cross off ‘get a toy reviewer position’ but now i have to add ‘ask the mailman at my school what box is mine again!’ Oh well, it’s not like i won’t be in that area in the near future anyhow, since i’m applying to work at places near there… As far as the connection here to D/s, i see it as part of a relationship… Growing and moving forward together. If one person isn’t doing their part, then the relationship probably won’t go anywhere. Why would anyone be interested in someone who doesn’t change (hopefully for the better)?

i just wanted to share those thoughts with the people who read my blog because i felt that they could be applied to BDSM and D/s relationships easily and if i overlooked them, i bet i’m not the only one who did : )

In the News

Scientists find out what gene in a mouse causes homosexuality. Yes, it’s a genetic difference. Why is this study being done, again? i feel like they’re pulling for a ‘cure’ by reading it. (

Then this retirement investment advisor got hundreds of retired federal agents involved in a ponzi scheme… (

And there are mountain unicyclists who just want respect : ( (

The same-sex marriage ban was lifted by the supreme court as well!! : ) (

And this article about a woman who died while masturbating that has a rather rude name, considering she died. (

More news about the possible HIV vaccine… i’m really excited about it : ) (


Twisted Hearts Lust

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

As i talked about about a week ago, i get to review one toy once a month for : ) This month i chose a toy i was particularly curious about: Twisted Hearts – Lust by Doc Johnson

About the program i’m in: the affiliates program at eden is meant to ‘bridge the gap’ between advanced reviewers and new reviewers. Basically, i post my review on my blog and in exchange for a fair review, they send me the toy i’m going to review. Sounds good, right? i thought so : ) The woman running the program was very nice and helpful and got back to me super quickly, and within one day, the toy was in the mail! : )

Unfortunately, someone had to pick it up for me, as i was on vacation when it arrived (D’oh! i forgot!) but when i came home i was really excited to try it out : ) It came very securely wrapped with some thick paper. i was actually really happy not to see those peanuts that i usually get in packages, since i always feel bad throwing them away. The paper was recyclable, so that’s a plus! The box was cute, so i laid it on my bed to take a picture : )

This is what it looked like in the box... i wish i were better with my camera!!

i was surprised at how small the toy really is. It’s not tiny but it’s not particularly big either. It was packaged in a little plastic shell inside the box, which was also plastic… Well, at least eden was thinking eco-friendly! : P When i read what others have said about this vibrator, i was pretty sure that when i took it out of the box it was going to reek. But i was happily surprised when i didn’t smell anything at all. Nonetheless, i did wash it as soon as it was out with soap and water. This toy is made of TPR on the purple part, and the white is hard plastic. TPR is A rubbery type of material that is soft, but both the toys i own made out of it are very sticky, and i’m already seeing that with the lust, even though it’s brand new : ( bummer. TPR is also somewhat porous, so i wouldn’t suggest using this toy with someone else, unless they’re your regular partner : ) i do like the material though, as it’s firm but does give as well. This toy also has no phthalates, which is nice. If you don’t know what a phthalate is, neither did i until i looked it up on google. It’s a chemical softener and apparently it could have serious health risks. Well, better safe than sorry!! This toy is nice because it’s cheap and on a scale of 1/10, edenfantasys gives it a 7 for safety.  You should probably only use water based lube with it, as well : )

Ok, so on to the fun stuff! This toy takes 2 AA batteries which were not included, so after i grabbed my batteries i turned the knob to the left. Hard. i thought i was going to break it, and just as i was going to stop and try something else, it popped open. Well, at least i knew how to do it from kitty’s blog… : P The vibrations get stronger the further you turn the little bone-looking part to the right. The problem i had with the controls was that, in the heat of the moment, i tend to grip my toys rather hard, and this would twist the bone part to the left, causing the vibrations to go down. Bummer!! Once i got used to that, it was ok. As for waterproof, i put it in a bowl of water and watched for bubbles…. None. This toy does have an o ring which helps it out, plus, it twists on really tight, so no problems there!

The vibrations went from low to really strong, and the strongest setting was pretty loud when held by the plastic not touching anything, but i did notice when using it that the loudest setting was incredibly quiet! This will be a great toy for use in a dorm!! This excited me, because there is a little over a month till i go back to my own dorm, and my other toys were actually rather loud : ( As far as the toy design itself… It’s unconventional, to say the least.

The bottom is supposed to look like a heart, but it really looks like a dog bone... And the toy is supposed to look like a tongue!

i found that the groove in the top was good for more indirect clit stimulation, while when you turn it sideways, you can get more direct stimulation, and even be able to apply some pressure, so long as you can keep from twisting the bone part!! : ) The thickest part did reach the g spot, which i was happy about, but i usually don’t have the presence of mind to rub my clit while stimulating my g spot, so i think this won’t be replacing my rabbit vibrator. Regardless, i prefer it for clit stimulation. There is a small logo on the rubber toward the bottom of the purple part with the logo of Doc Johnson, but i didn’t notice that until i looked very closely : P i didn’t feel it at all while trying it out. i’m not sure if this would be easy to use with a partner, but alone this toy is a fun vibrator that i could see lots of women having a lot of fun with, the only downside being the handle moving too easily (in another light, it could even be seen as an up-side!) Therefore, i’ll give this toy 5 hearts : )

Thank you, for sending me this toy in exchange for a fair and honest review! : )

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store


Now i’m all cuddled up in my bed thinking about my vacation… Took a day off yesterday to relax and re cooperate from running around all the time : )

i was staying at my aunt’s shore house in NY, and the beach wasn’t far. i got to swim in the ocean…. Which i actually enjoyed for once, even though i was worried about sharks…. i’m always worried about something…. For the record: rocks are not sharks. i learned that lesson during vacation.

Not a Shark

So then we put together a puzzle…. And the last three pieces didn’t fit into any of the last 3 slots. It was a huge puzzle and my sister and i couldn’t help but laugh when it didn’t go together right. i left the room, and when i returned my sister had fixed the problem, but it was a pretty funny moment. Even funnier than my aunt’s expression when she saw my bathing suit top! i even wore my most conservative bathing suit…. : P If only she saw my new bathing suit. She would be very disappointed, but i love it! : )

i didn’t get to think much about BDSM topics on vacation, but i did get to think about working on how easily riled up i am lately. i think as a submissive and as a person, learning how not to be provoked is likely to be quite helpful to me. : P So i’m thinking about that lately, and so far i’ve been able to ignore the insane amount of drama in my house that has been swirling around me for a little under a month.

Oh, and also, i got that toy from eden and will be able to put up the review tomorrow, though i’m not sure what time tomorrow. i’m really excited to try it out since i heard good things on kitty’s blog about it. Right now it’s chillin’ in my toy drawer with my new clothespins and the rest of my toys. : )

Ok, i promise to think of something far more interesting to talk about tomorrow, but for now, i’ll just leave some news articles : P

In the News

An amateur boxer sells spots on his body where an advertiser can put a tattoo on him. This is a very interesting idea, and i heard about a girl who sold her forehead for a casino website tattoo, but i think that he’s going to wish he hadn’t done that later on down the line. After all, the article mentions that a ‘slew’ of adult sites are on his body right now. When he has kids, how is he gonna explain that one? : P (

Meanwhile, California is seriously considering legalizing marijuana. i am actually a supporter of this movement for various reasons, and i’m super excited to see how this goes : )  (

Lastly, it looks like a vaccine for HIV is closer than i thought it was. Scientists found out which cells in a man’s body were fighting his HIV and are hoping to make a vaccine that trains the body to create these cells. (



i have been so anti-social lately that i didn’t even realize my family was planning a vacation. We leave tomorrow, so that means that for 5 days, chances of the blog post are very slim. i may have access to internet, but it won’t be a constant access, so i can check the blog, but won’t have time to write anything meaningful or even terribly interesting.

i’m going to go visit my aunt at her beach house. This is not a vacation i’m terribly excited about because i know how my aunt is… She’s nutty. On top of that, i’m going to have to go to the beach, and i hate the beach. More accurately, i hate the sand, but they’re a package deal. So i’m going to be forced to eat portion sizes of everything i like (just so you know, on the chicken nuggets pack, portion size is 4 nuggets) and more than portion size of everything i don’t like. i’m not even kidding, either, because it just ends up that way. After all, she never had kids and doesn’t entertain often, so she cooks what she deems is ‘just enough’ for 4 people. This means that for breakfast, we each literally get one egg and two pieces of bacon, half of a muffin, and as much toast as we want, but we have to keep in mind that she toasts things by putting them in the oven, so it’s not really worth it. Then there’s the forced orange juice and milk every morning as well. Heaven forbid we drink water.

On the plus side, i love her front porch. i love sitting out there and enjoying the smell of the ocean without having to go anywhere near it. i love sitting in the shade and enjoying the warm breeze. i love curling up in one of the padded wooden chairs and reading a book. i’m bringing the complete hitchhiker’s guide with me, so i don’t get too bored. And my phone charger, because i feel like texting is going to be the only thing that keeps me sane. i love my aunt, but by the end of 5 days, i am going to be at the end of my rope with her, and probably my whole family.

Oh, and i have to re-download itunes and update my ipod. That, in itself, is going to take a long time. On the plus side, there’s not much to add, but on the downside, i actually need to take the music off of my ipod, then put it into itunes so that it doesn’t get erased…. i put all my music onto my external, which stopped working, and i have yet to be able to get the company to replace it, which is quite obnoxious.

So, today, i am very busy, and as a result, this long non-BDSM rant of sorts. Sorry!!! If i can get a blog post in while i’m away, i most certainly will, and until then, see you later!!


In the News

A man in Germany was on the train, when his phone went off. Why, oh why, was his ringtone one of Hitler’s speeches? Literally due to his ringtone, he got arrested and could be jailed 3 years. Normally, i would oppose this but… Go Germany! : )  (

Also, France passes a law that makes psychological violence illegal! Woo! i love that they didn’t just include words spoken, but text messages as well, and probably emails. (

Then there’s this article, which makes me despise the idea of going to the doctor for anything. Anything at all. Same with hospitals, but i already despise going to the hospital. (

And then back to America, where a Colorado woman crashed her car in an attempt to escape a vampire. i wish i was kidding. (

Oh, and something that might interest pretty much anyone in a relationship with a woman: turns out most loud women aren’t trying to show you that they’re enjoying themselves, but trying to speed up sex. This definitely isn’t me, but i can see how it would work. (

Here’s something that i feel like i’ve read before. i could have sworn i read this before… Cleopatra apparently did not die from a snake bite, but in fact from poison. Didn’t i read this before? (

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