Dom Guidance

i was speaking with a very nice Dom on Experience Project today, and He felt like submissives were the ones who were having their questions answered, while Doms were not. When i look online, i do find that there are some sites about how a Dom “should” be… But i do think every one of them is flawed, as every Dom is different. i sent Him this website that i wanna share on here, because i think it’s really a great resource for people interested in being a Dom, or even a curious sub such as myself who would like to know exactly what their partner is supposed to be doing.

i especially like ‘[HUMOR] Rules of the Dungeon’ and in fact read it aloud to my vanilla roommate, who nearly died laughing. The rest of the site is extremely helpful– and in case You can’t see it due to a block in Your country, but would like to, i have it on a word document that i can email You, just comment here and we’ll work it out : )


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