A Refreshing Walk

i went with my roommate to see The Book of Eli at my school…. They didn’t explain anything, and the movie kinda sucked. i left early and decided to use the extra time to take a nice walk. The moon is full tonight and super bright, but honestly, i was just trying to enjoy the shadows the lights cast on the grass, plants, and especially the trees. Usually, i’m really careful when i walk around because even though i’m not worried about being mugged, murdered, raped, or any of that stuff, someone could definitely just reach their hand into my pocket and take my cell phone. i don’t make a habit of trusting other people because if i get into that habit, then if or when i do run into a real situation, i won’t notice it in time.

So, at night is the only time i can really just enjoy looking around without being aware of other people. i can literally throw up every wall that i used to keep up and retreat into my own mind. This is something i don’t like doing often, but i really needed it tonight, especially since finals are coming up and i have at least two assignments to complete each day. It was like it was just me around and nobody else existed at all.

i was walking around enjoying the shadows, completely blocking everyone out. Well, as i walked by the baseball fiend, i heard ‘watch out !’ and some screaming, but i didn’t really hear it, i was looking at the fence and considering how pretty it looks. Suddenly, a bright yellow baseball flies less than a foot away from my face and into the fence. Of course, suddenly my bubble was burst and i understood what happened in the past two seconds. Of course, it didn’t much matter to me. i hadn’t been hit, so it’s not like anything happened. i just kept walking. It was certainly interesting, though ! Then i saw the moon, just as i almost got to my dorm.

Now i’m watching Clean House and just thinking. i don’t think i’m quite out of that head space yet. It’s not always a good place to be, but when i get productive, it helps to isolate myself like that so that i don’t get distracted. Maybe i’ll get some stuff done tonight.

If it’s night where Y/you are, and Y/you’re not busy, please go outside and look at the leaves on the trees and how the light plays on them. Or the green of Y/your lawn, and pretend Y/you’ve never seen it before. It’s really an amazing experience.



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