Yay for Progress

i finally have all my work done !! Finals are next week, but i’ve allowed myself the rest of today and tonight and however long i can sleep tomorrow to relax. Last night i ran into one of my friends at the campus grill. She’s really funny and laid back and we just had a great time. On top of that, i mentioned having to do the homework for a math class we’re both in, and she said she had to as well, so she invited me to her dorm to work on it together. i kept trying to think of a way to explain why i was bringing my laptop to her dorm to do math (i wanted to be able to talk to the Dom i keep mentioning). Finally, when we got back to her dorm, i decided i might as well tell her, she seemed pretty sexually open, anyhow. Turns out, she is. It was probably the biggest relief when she actually got curious.

Before anyone says ‘well, why couldn’t you tell her that you were waiting for an email or something?’ The thing is, i really wanted a buddy to take to local munches and events with me, and i didn’t really want to drag my roommate. This girl is incredibly cool and i honestly felt like she’d have a good time.

Most of the night we just chit chatted and did our work and it was really relaxed and fun. i did wake up too late to go to that class, though. By the time i was dressed, ready, and had the paper printed out, it was half an hour past the starting time. i just dropped it off in the professor’s mailbox and finished another assignment.

So now i have all my work done and a new friend who would go with me to munches and stuff ! : ) i’m happy !



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