The Tumblr Obsession Returns

About 5 months ago, around the time a good friend of mine died, i stopped using tumblr. Today, i checked up on my old account and re-discovered all the beautiful photos i was sharing on there. That’s not my formspring anymore, by the way, it’s someone else’s. i changed the url for mine.

Here’s a sample of photos that i have on there:

There’s a preview of the types of things i post. Mostly it seems to be women and fuzzy animals, but there are other things, too. Feel free to follow it, i’m in the process of deleting everything but photos from there, so that Y/you don’t have to sift through my posts to get to the pretty pictures. They were not very interesting, anyhow : P i will be posting some pictures in my queue on tumblr pretty regularly from now on, and we’ll see how it goes.



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