i have been so anti-social lately that i didn’t even realize my family was planning a vacation. We leave tomorrow, so that means that for 5 days, chances of the blog post are very slim. i may have access to internet, but it won’t be a constant access, so i can check the blog, but won’t have time to write anything meaningful or even terribly interesting.

i’m going to go visit my aunt at her beach house. This is not a vacation i’m terribly excited about because i know how my aunt is… She’s nutty. On top of that, i’m going to have to go to the beach, and i hate the beach. More accurately, i hate the sand, but they’re a package deal. So i’m going to be forced to eat portion sizes of everything i like (just so you know, on the chicken nuggets pack, portion size is 4 nuggets) and more than portion size of everything i don’t like. i’m not even kidding, either, because it just ends up that way. After all, she never had kids and doesn’t entertain often, so she cooks what she deems is ‘just enough’ for 4 people. This means that for breakfast, we each literally get one egg and two pieces of bacon, half of a muffin, and as much toast as we want, but we have to keep in mind that she toasts things by putting them in the oven, so it’s not really worth it. Then there’s the forced orange juice and milk every morning as well. Heaven forbid we drink water.

On the plus side, i love her front porch. i love sitting out there and enjoying the smell of the ocean without having to go anywhere near it. i love sitting in the shade and enjoying the warm breeze. i love curling up in one of the padded wooden chairs and reading a book. i’m bringing the complete hitchhiker’s guide with me, so i don’t get too bored. And my phone charger, because i feel like texting is going to be the only thing that keeps me sane. i love my aunt, but by the end of 5 days, i am going to be at the end of my rope with her, and probably my whole family.

Oh, and i have to re-download itunes and update my ipod. That, in itself, is going to take a long time. On the plus side, there’s not much to add, but on the downside, i actually need to take the music off of my ipod, then put it into itunes so that it doesn’t get erased…. i put all my music onto my external, which stopped working, and i have yet to be able to get the company to replace it, which is quite obnoxious.

So, today, i am very busy, and as a result, this long non-BDSM rant of sorts. Sorry!!! If i can get a blog post in while i’m away, i most certainly will, and until then, see you later!!


In the News

A man in Germany was on the train, when his phone went off. Why, oh why, was his ringtone one of Hitler’s speeches? Literally due to his ringtone, he got arrested and could be jailed 3 years. Normally, i would oppose this but… Go Germany! : )  (

Also, France passes a law that makes psychological violence illegal! Woo! i love that they didn’t just include words spoken, but text messages as well, and probably emails. (

Then there’s this article, which makes me despise the idea of going to the doctor for anything. Anything at all. Same with hospitals, but i already despise going to the hospital. (

And then back to America, where a Colorado woman crashed her car in an attempt to escape a vampire. i wish i was kidding. (

Oh, and something that might interest pretty much anyone in a relationship with a woman: turns out most loud women aren’t trying to show you that they’re enjoying themselves, but trying to speed up sex. This definitely isn’t me, but i can see how it would work. (

Here’s something that i feel like i’ve read before. i could have sworn i read this before… Cleopatra apparently did not die from a snake bite, but in fact from poison. Didn’t i read this before? (


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