Now i’m all cuddled up in my bed thinking about my vacation… Took a day off yesterday to relax and re cooperate from running around all the time : )

i was staying at my aunt’s shore house in NY, and the beach wasn’t far. i got to swim in the ocean…. Which i actually enjoyed for once, even though i was worried about sharks…. i’m always worried about something…. For the record: rocks are not sharks. i learned that lesson during vacation.

Not a Shark

So then we put together a puzzle…. And the last three pieces didn’t fit into any of the last 3 slots. It was a huge puzzle and my sister and i couldn’t help but laugh when it didn’t go together right. i left the room, and when i returned my sister had fixed the problem, but it was a pretty funny moment. Even funnier than my aunt’s expression when she saw my bathing suit top! i even wore my most conservative bathing suit…. : P If only she saw my new bathing suit. She would be very disappointed, but i love it! : )

i didn’t get to think much about BDSM topics on vacation, but i did get to think about working on how easily riled up i am lately. i think as a submissive and as a person, learning how not to be provoked is likely to be quite helpful to me. : P So i’m thinking about that lately, and so far i’ve been able to ignore the insane amount of drama in my house that has been swirling around me for a little under a month.

Oh, and also, i got that toy from eden and will be able to put up the review tomorrow, though i’m not sure what time tomorrow. i’m really excited to try it out since i heard good things on kitty’s blog about it. Right now it’s chillin’ in my toy drawer with my new clothespins and the rest of my toys. : )

Ok, i promise to think of something far more interesting to talk about tomorrow, but for now, i’ll just leave some news articles : P

In the News

An amateur boxer sells spots on his body where an advertiser can put a tattoo on him. This is a very interesting idea, and i heard about a girl who sold her forehead for a casino website tattoo, but i think that he’s going to wish he hadn’t done that later on down the line. After all, the article mentions that a ‘slew’ of adult sites are on his body right now. When he has kids, how is he gonna explain that one? : P (

Meanwhile, California is seriously considering legalizing marijuana. i am actually a supporter of this movement for various reasons, and i’m super excited to see how this goes : )  (

Lastly, it looks like a vaccine for HIV is closer than i thought it was. Scientists found out which cells in a man’s body were fighting his HIV and are hoping to make a vaccine that trains the body to create these cells. (



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