Getting Better

Lately, not only have i had this lovely writer’s block, but i have been feeling very anti-social, and thus for the past few days i’ve been getting myself out of that mood. i think cooking did help, though.

i made that meatloaf the day after my last blog post. It came out tasting good, but it wasn’t so pretty…. i guess pretty comes with experience, right? i’ll post the recipe if anyone wants it, but it was a southwest meatloaf with lots of peppers and onions. Cutting the onions wasn’t much fun because i only knew how from the video game ‘Cooking Mama’ and though that got me through it fairly well, i wasn’t prepared for how slippery they are, so the diced onions were very oddly diced… Now i wanna play cooking mama….. That game actually taught me how vegetables are supposed to be chopped. At first, my mom was trying to walk me through it, and she was really surprised i knew how to do it. i thought it was because i watched her, but honestly i don’t think i ever did, and then i had this image in my mind of how the game would do it and i knew how to chop the veggies. Things aren’t as easy as Cooking Mama makes them look, but for the most part it was useful. Yesterday when my mom and sister were out shopping, i started prepping for corn chowder. The chopping was a lot easier than for the meatloaf and the diced onions looked a little more professional. i also got to chop leeks, which was interesting. i hadn’t ever had leeks, so it was fun to be able to taste them in the soup. Also, i couldn’t find the potato peeler, so i had to use the knife to slice the skin off instead. The recipe called for normal and sweet potatoes, which was interesting. Overall, it came out well. my mom said it tasted like something we would buy at the stone, but i’m not sure it’s that good. i guess i’m just not used to such a taste. i blame the leeks and all the other fresh ingredients. : P

So now i feel like i have my confirmation that i can only cook on hard mode, which is weird, but that’s ok. However, i did manage to make a brownie in a disposable coffee cup without burning it or the cup : P yay for me! i also have veggies that i manage to cook without burning, too. i’m especially fond of cauliflower, and have found that i’m not a big fan of whatever bean is in this mix. It tastes like beach sand. : (

i haven’t really been thinking about BDSM lately since i’ve been so anti-social i haven’t even really looked at fetlife much. i think i’m finally over it, though. The worst is over! : ) Going to go see my friend soon (was supposed to be yesterday or today, but she has been sick and not able to answer me) and we’re going to make cupcakes with a twist…. We’re baking them in ice cream cones! : ) i also have dinosaur sprinkles i’m bringing… i have this love for dinosaurs. Not sure why, but when i become a teacher, i think that’ll be the theme of my room: dinosaurs. : ) That works, since i’ll be a history teacher! So the plan is: ice cream cone cupcakes with icing and dinosaur sprinkles! : )

And while i hang with her, i don’t even have to worry about my financial aid anymore! i called them probably 5 times because they kept saying my address was invalid, but this time i got a definite ‘you were accepted and your award letter goes out on Friday.’ That’s a big worry off my shoulders, since i’m having trouble getting a job to pay for school, and i don’t think i should go over 15,000 dollars in debt for one semester, nor do i think i could get a loan that big. i’m really excited to get back to my dorm with my friends where things stay positive and i can go where i want when i want… Only thing i’ll miss is cooking, i’ve actually been enjoying cooking.

Anyhow, that’s what i’ve been up to : ) next time i write, it’ll be more fetish-y!


In The News

A woman in Utah who has two ovaries got pregnant twice and now has two babies due one week apart.

i actually heard about this before: a site lets you plug in a passage from your writing or that of an author and tells you who you write like. Apparently Stephanie Meyers writes like Stephen King, from what i’ve read from other sites.

Points for awesome: 17 year old amish boy who led police on a a horse and buggy chase.

Then a teacher who faked brain cancer to get time off of work. Is teaching really that bad?

Also, canned sandwiches now exist! : ) Yay!

New sea creatures have been discovered! : )


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  1. dvlbny666
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 19:03:34

    “‘A woman in Utah who has two ovaries got pregnant twice and now has two babies due one week apart. ”

    Sorry to be a stickler, but… Normal women are born with two ovaries. I think you mean she is suffering from a dual ectopic pregnancy.


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