The End of Summer

i made a list a while back of what i want to do over the summer. Some of it i did. Some of it i have made plans to do. Some of it i didn’t do for different reasons. i am pretty proud of myself anyhow though. The biggest achievement for me was learning how to cook, and while i’m not amazing at cooking yet, i am pretty competent, and that can get me through most things. When i cook, it’s often a dish with lots of veggies, so i have starting going back to the local produce store, which is great, and MUCH healthier than what we have been eating. On top of that, i have been wearing more skirts. i have some very nice flowy skirts that barely get to see the light of day, and there really was no reason for that. i also stopped being trolled, which i was almost there with before. This was the goal i put in the list that i was certain wouldn’t take much work to achieve. It’s my way of making sure i can’t fail entirely and also it helps me keep motivated to know i got to cross something off of my list. i also have been getting out pretty regularly lately, thanks to my sister getting ready to go to Notre Dame this weekend.

i did not, however, get to do a lot on my list. i couldn’t go to NH due to lack of money, and i didn’t have any money because i couldn’t get a job (crossing my fingers for a job at a buffet… The manager was very nice), and i didn’t really try out the bus due to lack of funds as well. i also didn’t get to go to NY for a sundress…. i’m hoping i can afford one during the school year. Maybe next spring i’ll bug my roommate to go to Atlantic City with me and i’ll dress shop, but she’s not a dress kinda girl herself, so i’m not sure how much fun she would have. i also didn’t watch any big movies. This just didn’t happen. It should have, but didn’t. i don’t really have the connection to download any movies tonight, but i’m hoping when i get back to school my roommate will bring some and we’ll watch them on her nifty flat screen tv.

On my list of things that i feel i can accomplish before school starts is learning how to do my hair and makeup in ways that are simple and pretty. i don’t have a need for something elaborate or crazy, just a little knowledge to help me if and when i need to use it. Over this weekend i am also getting rid of what i won’t use in my dorm. This means going through the boxes and not taking what i won’t need. There’s a lot of that sort of stuff in those boxes : ( Those things are going to go into a garage sale that will hopefully be going on sometime mid-September.

i’m still working out financial aid. It’s still not worked out. Hence why i’m freaking out and not blogging or doing anything other than laying, paralyzed by stress, in my nice warm bed. There’s only so much good that can do. Getting out lately has been nice, but i found myself coming home and going back to bed, curling up and either surfing the web (doing nothing productive, really) or sleeping. i am looking forward to when this is over and done with, so i can worry about less important things. : P



i thought about it, and the part of the blog where i link to news… It’s stuff you guys know, or probably don’t really care about. Unless you’d really like me to start doing it again, i’m just gonna stop putting it at the end of my posts : P


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