i am currently a University student living in the north, though i love the south and often talk about my time living there. i have lots of fun fetishes, and very little experience with any of them!! The first post of my blog is how i found out i was interested in the lifestyle, but my first friends in the lifestyle were made on a social networking site called Experience Project where i felt like i could open up about my sexuality and not be told i’m wrong.

About a month, maybe two, after i first found Experience Project, i was introduced to fetlife, where i spend a good amount of my time. This is where i learn the most, lately, and it’s a great way to meet lifestyle friends, as well.

On a vanilla note: i play video games, read manga, watch anime, and have been trying to watch some more commonly known movies, as i haven’t seen a lot of movies that are often referenced in our culture. i am currently playing an MMO called Perfect World International, and have played FlyFF in the past.

i am also open to making friends and contacts in the lifestyle, and love to hear others’ opinions on what i have to say…

Thank Y/you for taking the time to read this : )


(last edited: June 23rd, 2010)


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