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When sent me the fonzie i couldn’t test it for almost a week. The whole week i had it next to my bed, looking at it every now and again. This made me anticipate testing it even more, so when my family went out of town this weekend, i knew i’d get my chance to test it, finally.

First, i’ll talk about the packaging. It took me 10 minutes to get the box open. That’s not eden’s fault, but it had to be said because it annoyed me greatly. When i finally got it open, there was my fonzie, and two extra things. The first was a pamphlet about toys and materials, and the next was the magazine eden puts out called ‘Sex is…’ i read through the pamphlet, which would have been very very useful to me last time i wrote a review, rather than trying to look up a simplified definition of ‘phthalates.’ It also walks you through the safety of each material toys are made out of and it talks about how to maintain your toys, as well.

The pamphlet!

The magazine included was incredibly interesting, and i really enjoyed reading it. These two things inside the box were both things that i really thought were awesome for eden to include with shipping, and if i had the funds, i would subscribe to their magazine.

The fonzie came in a cardboard package that held a plastic case. It did not include the 2 AAA batteries the toy requires. Thankfully, i have enough batteries to run 20 fonzies at once, so i had no problem providing my own.

The Fonzie in the box

The fonzie is made out of silicone, which was one of the major pluses about it when i looked at it. i was determined to pick something made out of silicone instead of TPR, which is what i somehow ended up with for 2/3 of the toys i own. TPR isn’t nearly as easily cleaned as silicone, so i wanted to try something silicone instead, of course, that limits the types of lubes you can use with it (no silicone lube with silicome toys) but it is a fair tradeoff for me. The fonzie was firm yet soft, and it felt velvety to the touch. There wasn’t really a scent, but just in case, i washed it with soap and water (toy cleaner works too, and you can also boil it or stick it in the dishwasher, just make sure the cap is on tight). It has this cool system for taking off the cap where it kinda feels like you’re going to break it, but then the cap just pops off. Inside is a little ring that keeps it waterproof, and it’s a little tough to get the cap back on, but i managed quite nicely. The toy itself is a very cute blue color with these wonderful ridges on it, and a clit stimulator with a little round nub. It’s about 6 1/2 inches long, but about 4 1/2 inches are insertable, which should be enough to reach most women’s g spot. The button that changes vibration modes is at the very bottom, and one top turns it on, then one tap afterward flips through the modes, and to turn it off, you have to hold down the button for a few seconds. There’s your typical low, medium, and high vibrations, then 4 settings of different combinations of the three. Of the toys i have, this is the quietest, while still being powerful.

In use, the vibrations felt great in the shaft of the toy, but were less strong in the clit stimulator, and it didn’t even reach my clit at all! : ( Big disappointment, but the shaft did plenty of work on its own. The curve in the shaft of this toy reached my g spot perfectly, but with the combination of the clit stimulator not reaching my clit and accidentally tapping the button a few times, i can see how this toy wouldn’t work for everyone. It was definitely something to get used to using, but once i figured it out, it felt great. Still not as good as the rabbit dildo i have, but i suspect that’s because i’m still not totally used to using it yet. We’ll see.

Overall, i enjoyed the fonzie, even if it didn’t reach my clit (boooo!!!) the settings and the powerful vibrations in the shaft easily made up for it, as well as the ridges. The material is also really great, since it’s easy to clean and is still soft. The insertable length is short, but it reaches the g spot just fine so it’s no problem. However, the button changing the vibrations is easy to press, so it takes some getting used to. This toy is also waterproof, which i suspect i will appreciate a lot more once i get back to my dorm. This toy also seems like a travel-friendly toy that i might enjoy bringing with me, should i need to travel.

Overall, i will give this toy 4 out of 5 Stars : )

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Twisted Hearts Lust

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

As i talked about about a week ago, i get to review one toy once a month for : ) This month i chose a toy i was particularly curious about: Twisted Hearts – Lust by Doc Johnson

About the program i’m in: the affiliates program at eden is meant to ‘bridge the gap’ between advanced reviewers and new reviewers. Basically, i post my review on my blog and in exchange for a fair review, they send me the toy i’m going to review. Sounds good, right? i thought so : ) The woman running the program was very nice and helpful and got back to me super quickly, and within one day, the toy was in the mail! : )

Unfortunately, someone had to pick it up for me, as i was on vacation when it arrived (D’oh! i forgot!) but when i came home i was really excited to try it out : ) It came very securely wrapped with some thick paper. i was actually really happy not to see those peanuts that i usually get in packages, since i always feel bad throwing them away. The paper was¬†recyclable, so that’s a plus! The box was cute, so i laid it on my bed to take a picture : )

This is what it looked like in the box... i wish i were better with my camera!!

i was surprised at how small the toy really is. It’s not tiny but it’s not particularly big either. It was packaged in a little plastic shell inside the box, which was also plastic… Well, at least eden was thinking eco-friendly! : P When i read what others have said about this vibrator, i was pretty sure that when i took it out of the box it was going to reek. But i was happily surprised when i didn’t smell anything at all. Nonetheless, i did wash it as soon as it was out with soap and water. This toy is made of TPR on the purple part, and the white is hard plastic. TPR is A rubbery type of material that is soft, but both the toys i own made out of it are very sticky, and i’m already seeing that with the lust, even though it’s brand new : ( bummer. TPR is also somewhat porous, so i wouldn’t suggest using this toy with someone else, unless they’re your regular partner : ) i do like the material though, as it’s firm but does give as well. This toy also has no phthalates, which is nice. If you don’t know what a phthalate is, neither did i until i looked it up on google. It’s a chemical softener and apparently it could have serious health risks. Well, better safe than sorry!! This toy is nice because it’s cheap and on a scale of 1/10, edenfantasys gives it a 7 for safety. ¬†You should probably only use water based lube with it, as well : )

Ok, so on to the fun stuff! This toy takes 2 AA batteries which were not included, so after i grabbed my batteries i turned the knob to the left. Hard. i thought i was going to break it, and just as i was going to stop and try something else, it popped open. Well, at least i knew how to do it from kitty’s blog… : P The vibrations get stronger the further you turn the little bone-looking part to the right. The problem i had with the controls was that, in the heat of the moment, i tend to grip my toys rather hard, and this would twist the bone part to the left, causing the vibrations to go down. Bummer!! Once i got used to that, it was ok. As for waterproof, i put it in a bowl of water and watched for bubbles…. None. This toy does have an o ring which helps it out, plus, it twists on really tight, so no problems there!

The vibrations went from low to really strong, and the strongest setting was pretty loud when held by the plastic not touching anything, but i did notice when using it that the loudest setting was incredibly quiet! This will be a great toy for use in a dorm!! This excited me, because there is a little over a month till i go back to my own dorm, and my other toys were actually rather loud : ( As far as the toy design itself… It’s unconventional, to say the least.

The bottom is supposed to look like a heart, but it really looks like a dog bone... And the toy is supposed to look like a tongue!

i found that the groove in the top was good for more indirect clit stimulation, while when you turn it sideways, you can get more direct stimulation, and even be able to apply some pressure, so long as you can keep from twisting the bone part!! : ) The thickest part did reach the g spot, which i was happy about, but i usually don’t have the presence of mind to rub my clit while stimulating my g spot, so i think this won’t be replacing my rabbit vibrator. Regardless, i prefer it for clit stimulation. There is a small logo on the rubber toward the bottom of the purple part with the logo of Doc Johnson, but i didn’t notice that until i looked very closely : P i didn’t feel it at all while trying it out. i’m not sure if this would be easy to use with a partner, but alone this toy is a fun vibrator that i could see lots of women having a lot of fun with, the only downside being the handle moving too easily (in another light, it could even be seen as an up-side!) Therefore, i’ll give this toy 5 hearts : )

Thank you, for sending me this toy in exchange for a fair and honest review! : )

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store