Favorite Links

Here is a list of resources i will fill out as i find them, as well as some other blogs i watch : ) i’m also using this page personally in order to keep a list of the blogs i check daily, so sometimes i may or may not add one on that i’m not 100% familiar with yet, just so that i will check it more often.



The woman who writes this blog is on my fetlife, and she writes very well. Her blog is adult in nature, but i find that she mostly writes about life, even when talking about sexual things : )


A sub’s blog that i found i really liked, and am going to keep up with : ) it is a good example of how to balance D/s and real life.


Another sub who reviews sex toys as well. she’s very personable and i found i really like her writing, too : ) she is also a kitty girl, which is an interesting perspective, and i find that her blog is often well thought out and about something that can be discussed.


Toy reviews, but they’re well-written, and i would find this sort of information about toys to be useful for the next time i plan on buying one : ) Also, i just like reading about sex toys : P


This is the blog of a kinky couple. Not only do they talk about sex, they take pictures, goof around, and talk about everything from true blood to sexuality in Ukraine. So far, i love it! : )



i went here to learn about a Dominant’s side of a D/s relationship, because i felt like it would make me a better submissive. i learned a lot from this site, and i like to give it out to whomever i can : )


A collection of essays that i’ve used as inspiration before, and i hope that they can guide others as well as they guided me : )


This website is good for a lot of reasons, and i’ve used parts of it before in my writings (usually as an idea of something to talk about). There is a toy section, but i’m not sure how the prices are, i mainly stuck to the information section, like the nerd i am ; )


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