An assignment

During the week that i was in a contract with Sambuddy, He occasionally asked me to write Him erotic stories. Usually this was so He would have an idea of what my fantasy was about a certain subject or the like. i think i asked if He would mind if i posted them on my blog, but then i didn’t, since i don’t feel like my writing is that great. However, i’ll post my favorite one anyhow, and maybe another later.


Early one Saturday morning, as agreed, I changed His computer’s password. He was not to know what this password was, but was instead supposed to get it from me later on that day. The day started like any other, I brought Him His coffee in bed and lay next to Him while He drank it. We spent the day running errands and taking care of things outside the apartment, and when we returned, He ordered me to take off my clothes. I slid off my jeans, t shirt, and socks, standing naked before Him.

His eyes drink me in; making me wonder what’s going through His mind. He then calmly asks me “what’s the password to My computer?”

“I don’t know.” I reply softly, bowing my head.

“Come with Me” He orders, walking toward the bed. There are ropes that are running under the bed, and He instructs me to lie down.

I lay on my back on the bed and He told me to turn over. I’m confused, but I turn onto my stomach and He ties me spread eagle style, but He is very rough with me, almost as if He’s angry. He can’t be angry, right? He then takes a cloth blindfold and holds it where I can see it.

“What’s the password to My computer?”

“I really don’t know.” He ties the blindfold around my eyes, effectively blocking out all light.

“If you persist in hiding the information, I’m going to have to take it from you, you know…” He growls. I wince, wondering if something is going to happen. I can imagine the sting of the flogger now, on my unsuspecting ass.

Instead I feel His hand, caressing my ass. This confuses me, after all, isn’t He angry? Then, suddenly, His hand slaps my ass hard. I squeak involuntarily, tensing my ass under His hand. “What’s the password to My computer?” His voice is deadly calm. Too calm. I shake my head, not wanting to answer verbally. Again His hand comes down on my ass, two times this time. The smacks ring in my ears afterward, my breathing coming faster now as I try to ignore the sting that He’s not bothering to rub away. “The password?”

Suddenly, a thought comes to my mind “meowmix1234” I say

I hear Him walk over to His computer and open it up. I hear the brief tap of His fingers on the keyboard, then I hear His deep sexy laugh “oh, so that’s how you want to play?” He had discovered that I had lied to Him.

I hear Him opening the plastic bin we keep the toys in. my mind races, wondering what it is He could be retrieving, then suddenly I feel a sharp pain on my ass. I cry out, struggling a bit against the restraints. He had taken out the cane, and I was not too happy about that. I ask myself what I thought He would do, and find that I really just didn’t think about the consequences, even though I knew there would be some. He smacks my ass 5 more times, with only brief pauses in between. I bite my tongue and try not to cry out too much, my hands balled up into fists. When He’s done, I feel His hand caress my ass, rubbing away the soreness.

“you know, if you just tell me what the password is, this could all be over…” He coos at me

“No.” I say softly

His hand moves away from my ass, leaving a warm sensation behind. I brace myself for the next blow, but it doesn’t come. As I’m waiting, I listen carefully for movement, and He’s walking across the room. He’s opening up His bedside drawer. There’s the sound of cloth and something hard. Plastic or metal, all I know is it’s hard because I can hear the scrape across the bottom of the drawer. I can hear Him running that thing against the cloth. I tense up. It’s probably a knife.

“you should consider telling me what the password is. It would be much better for you.”

I don’t even respond, trying to relax as much as I can. I hear Him stop moving. He’s probably staring at me. Why is He staring at me? Shuffling. He’s coming over here. Setting the cloth on the bedside table. Then I feel the cold edge of the knife just between my neck and shoulder very gently against my skin. I can hear His even breath as He drags the knife across my shoulder and then onto my back. I try to keep completely still, forcing myself to breathe in an even rhythm, even though my breaths want to come in scared gasps, making my body shudder under His knife. I tense my hands into fists, digging my nails into my palms to distract from the feel of the knife against my skin. Then the knife is lifted from my back, and I can’t feel any marks. Is it because the knife was so sharp or because none are there? Even though I know He’d never hurt me, I worry anyhow.

I hear Him walk across the room, replacing the fabric and the knife in His bedside table. “I can bring you more than just fear and pain you know….” I feel His hand on the small of my back, travelling over my ass and upper thighs. It runs between my thighs and He stops just next to my pussy “I can bring you enormous amounts of pleasure as well, if you give me the password.”

I fight the urge to give it to Him, knowing that I’ll never see what else He had planned if I give up so soon. I shake my head and He moves His hand closer to my pussy, rubbing my clit gently with just one finger in a circular motion “I’ll let you cum if you tell me…” He moves faster, forcing me to moan softly, my hips bucking against His hand. He doesn’t stop, either, just keeps silently bringing me pleasure until I’m about to cum, then His hand moves away from my pussy, leaving me wanting more. I hear His belt being unbuckled and His pants being pulled off, as well as His boxers. Next thing I know, His hand is running through my hair, grabbing just enough to twist in His hand, pulling my head to His cock and forcing it into my mouth. He face fucks me for a while whilst I use my tongue to pleasure Him. I know that’s not what a captive would do, normally, but I can’t help but want Him to feel pleasure when He wants to. After all, I still love Him. He tells me how much of a whore I am, and how I’m desperate for cum and that I’m a dirty little slut. Then He cums without warning, burying His cock to the hilt in my mouth and shooting His cum directly into my throat. I swallow quickly, trying not to let a drop of cum fall from my lips. I eagerly lick His cock after He has cum, until He removes His cock from my mouth and releases my hair.

“What’s the password to My computer?” He says this firmly, His hand again on the inside of my thigh, tracing intricate patterns.

“I don’t know.” I’m firm this time, pressing my pussy toward His hand. Daring Him to do His worst.

He slides one finger into me, pressing it against my g spot and rubbing firmly. He knows it’s hard for me to cum this way, it’s just so much pleasure and buildup that I’ll be desperate to cum. He places His other hand on my lower stomach from below, pressing my g spot toward Him. I can’t help but groan, my hips trying to pull away from His hands, my pussy now aching to cum.

“you should tell me what the password is and I’ll let you cum…” He croons to me

After another 10 minutes or so, I break, my body shaking with pleasure but unable to cum “chimera69” I groan

He leaves me for a moment, and I can hear Him tap out the password I had provided Him. Then I hear Him walk toward me “good girl.”

His finger returns to my g spot, but His other hand rubs my clit, instantly bringing me almost to orgasm. I hold back as long as I can, wanting to feel the pleasure for longer, but when He growls “cum, slut” I can’t help but cum hard, my body shaking badly as I cry out with pleasure. I can hear Him laugh softly and I desperately want to see His smile as I slowly start to come down from my orgasm ‘high.’

He carefully unties me, then slowly removes the blindfold, careful with the light. I lay down, whispering “thank You” to Him as He slides into bed next to me. He wraps His arms around me and kisses my forehead softly “I love you, baby girl”

“I love You, too” I reply, rubbing my face against His chest “… I’m tired.”


While it’s not great, it’s not the worst thing i’ve ever written. This is, obviously, my interrogation fantasy. Of course, it might not go that way in reality, but that’s part of the fun, right? : )