Fresh Meat

Sometimes, while i am writing about how i feel about D/s, i get messages from very pleasant DOM’s who i enjoy talking to. Today i got one from a DOM that rather scared me, more so than anything else. Within 4 days of being active on Experience Project, i had 6 DOM’s contact me. Of them, 2 were monogamous (wanting only one partner), and two were experienced DOM’s who offered to help me learn, even after i told them that what i want is different from what they want. Then there was one that was just mindlessly Dominant. It was rather odd, actually, but i felt like i did back during Freshman Year of high school… Hearing the upperclassmen say to their friends ‘Fresh Meat..’ and being self-conscious all the time.

Sometimes, it’s good for me to be self-conscious. Especially when i am speaking to a DOM. It keeps me from capitalizing the wrong things and constantly reminds me to speak as i should, as a submissive. Of course, this is directly against the grammar i learned in school (which makes it excessively hard!) but i’m working on it bit by bit. As i was speaking to one of the kind Sirs earlier today, i realized that this capitalization may in fact roll over to my schoolwork. Of course, He was thinking the same thing as He typed it to me. Imagine the whole paper littered with incorrect capitalization and lower-cases!! However, i do enjoy the simplicity of the way writing is done in the lifestyle. It seems like something very elegant, and yet conveys a point, and i can appreciate that.

As it is ungodly hot outside, and i am dying, even in shorts and a tank top, i think it is high time i enjoy a cat nap…. i will attempt to write tomorrow : )