The Bond of a Collar

So Yesterday, i was talking to a very good friend and He brought up collaring ceremonies, and someone’s blog that he read, which made them sound very sweet : ) In fact, now i very badly want to be collared ! i’ve been looking through collars for the past 30 minutes, just for fun. i’m not one for flashy, so i immediately ignored anything like that. In fact, until today, i didn’t realize that collars symbolizing lifetime commitment were more like jewelry than they are collars. Until today, i had always envisioned a very modest leather collar for me. A leather dog collar. i think i’m behind ! Not to mention that there are different collars for play and for every day…

The ceremony seems to be rather beautiful. Every account i find is charming, and it is a lot like a vanilla wedding, i think, vows and all. Though i would love to be tied to my Master in both the vanilla and the D/s way. After all, something seems a little awkward about my mom sitting in a seat watching her naked daughter be collared. Yeah, i think i’ll just stop thinking about that now. : (

i’m going to post a few links here that i found that maybe will help You read up on it. It’s really a very beautiful ceremony : )

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