An interesting flash game

i was hopping around from thread to thread in fetlife when i saw a link to a game that the poster said had D/s in it. Normally, i have zero interest in flash games, that’s my little sister’s thing, but this piqued my┬ácuriosity.

You start out with just text on the screen asking if one is a man or a woman, with ominous music in the background, then there’s a little black blob-creature that you move through the world as. It’s a black and white game, by the way, assuming you follow the orders the person gives you. If you don’t, you get the bad ending, and throughout the course of the game it just gets harder and harder to play, with colored blocks making the obstacles pretty much invisible to me. The good ending makes the world an easy place to move through, and it actually makes it an easier game to play.

What i found interesting about this game, and why i’m writing about it, is what emotions it brought out of me. The first time i played through, i was very confused, and ended up fudging up one of my orders, just to see what the computer would do. Then i felt bad, when it responded to what i did. Consequently, a few colored blocks appeared here and there, but it wasn’t particularly bad and i could get through it relatively easily. At the end, i was very happy to ‘meet’ this Master.

The second run, i purposefully did everything wrong, and the entire time i felt bad for the computer. At the end, the bad ending made me very very sad, and i was happy that i hadn’t left getting the bad ending for last, because i got to get the perfect ending last, to feel better. Getting the bad ending was very tough, though! The game gets uglier the more you disobey, so the entire thing was covered in colored boxes, shuffling through bright colors and distracting me, and i could barely figure out what was a trap and what wasn’t, because the traps were bright red boxes, and i was having bright box overload.

When i went through for the perfect ending, the game got easier and easier as i followed more and more instructions, and i won praise. At the end, i got to ‘meet’ the computer, and i’ll let you figure out for yourself what it’s like.

Overall, i really really loved this game. It definitely had D/s aspects in it, and i definitely wanted to ‘please’ the computer, even though i knew that it was a computer. It was very odd. Here’s the link, try it out!