‘true love’

Yesterday night, instead of going to bed like i should have, i searched the web for good D/s forums to join and possibly connect with others…. Curiosity led me to the Personals, where i saw a thread with 12 replies, while normally there are few, if any. This DOM wanted a sub to be with Him for ‘true love,’ which to him meant that she would allow Him to cut her up and would be cut Himself, and He wanted to die young with her. Something about holding his virginity so He can give ‘true love’ to the right person… Killing Himself if the person He gives His virginity to doesn’t stay with Him… The posts following that were all bumps by Him. He was completely serious, and it tested my acceptance of other people’s tastes. i am not one for blood, i do not feel that disfigurement is attractive. Yet i read that and was disgusted, when i should have just shrugged it off. It was odd, to be sure, but i think i will work harder at accepting whatever fetish people have as best i can, especially since i want my own to be respected.

i have just come home from a fairly hard work-out, and should probably be sleeping, but i wanted to share that story because i felt like it was important for me to remember, and if i should remember it, someone else might find use in me sharing : ) Sorry for the short post, but i have an early class tomorrow, and it’s almost 10:00 PM! : (