Trying Something New

Lately i’ve been trying to keep myself busy. This does mean less blogging, but it also means trying new things! : ) So, today, i’m making a meatloaf recipe i came across online as ‘easy’ and ‘healthy.’ Hopefully it’s both, because i’m really not a very good cook. i was trying to make a 3 minute brownie in the microwave and not only did the brownie not have enough cocoa in it, the cup i was ‘cooking’ it in melted. Bummer!! If i get it right, i’ll be super happy, though! : ) i’m hoping it’s like DDR. i simply cannot play DDR on light mode, i have to play it on heavy mode or i suck majorly at it. Video games are not real life, and i know that, but i’m hoping that i’m really great at ‘heavy mode’ cooking, even though i suck at ‘light mode.’

i’m in a very good mood today. i feel like anything i want is at my fingertips and i can do anything. If you’ve felt that before, you probably understand how good it feels. i played around with my makeup today, as well, seeing what my huge makeup box had in it. i still can’t quite identify what certain things are for. i kept going to my mom asking ‘do you know what this is?’ and she’d laugh and tell me. The biggest confusion was between blush and eyeshadow, but there were really thick pencils that i just didn’t know… She said they go around your eyes? i’ll be trying it tomorrow. i don’t know what i’m going to do with the ones that i don’t like or can’t figure out how to use, but i’ll cross that bridge when i come to it. Hey! my sister doesn’t have makeup! Maybe i’ll send it with her to school! : P That is, if she isn’t taking a bus out there… my sister is going to a really good school, which is great, but that means it’s far away from here. Not sure how that’s going to work for her, since i have needed help from my mom from time to time. Laundry next semester is going to be interesting, since i won’t be spending much time at my mom’s house, and i certainly won’t be able to use her washer once she moves far away from my school. This year coming up should be very interesting : P

On a BDSM note: i was looking at a fetlife group called Ponderings (if you’re on fet, join it, it’s a really great group) and there was a topic made by ‘the mayor’ of the group about whether or not friends in the lifestyle are closer to us than vanilla friends. i thought that was a really interesting topic but couldn’t really talk about it since i don’t hang out with lifestylers in real time, but i’m very curious about it. i don’t feel like my friendships would be much different. With me, you pretty much get what you ask for. If someone asks me about something i’m very honest about it. i don’t find myself around people who are closed-minded so it has never been a problem for me. i’m not going to be running into a lifestyle friendship talking about ‘oh, you should see these bruises on my ass!!!’ (ignoring the fact that the Dom that is considering me is far away and can’t leave those bruises on me right now) However, something like ‘i got a cute little flogger!! Look!!’ would probably be said to both vanilla and lifestyle friends. i’m wondering how Y/you feel about it, though, since it’s such an interesting topic. : ) Hoping to get some interesting replies!

In The News

The Etch-a-Sketch turned 50 years old yesterday. : )

And a mother who gave her son up for adoption didn’t get her yearly picture of him so she looked him up on facebook and ended up having sex with him.

A drunk man decides to take a crocodile for a ride and survives.

Tea Partiers decide that Obama is Hitler and put up a billboard with his picture next to Hitler’s and Lenin’s. Well, that’s great and all, but anyone with a brain is going to say ‘what in the world…’ Even i’m confused, and i’m not big on politics, but this is pretty extreme.

And today, 1,300 people in Utah have been fingered as illegal immigrants by a large group of people, who had phone numbers, social security numbers, even the due dates of the pregnant women. While i can understand why citizens would be upset about illegal immigrants, this sort of vigilante behavior is scary to me, especially when the people who sent this letter in to the newspapers have been watching the people on the list in their day to day life.