List of Things to Do Before Summer Ends

i was thinking about things that i want to do before summer ends, as a way of moving forward with my life. So, i made a list, and i’m going to share it with Y/you all, because i want to : P

1 ) Get a job

2 ) Travel to NH for a weekend (at least!)

3 ) Make a mini NY shopping trip for a sun dress : )

4 ) Wear more skirts

5 ) Get better at applying makeup

6 ) Learn to cook (this is really general, i’m just shooting for the moon and hoping that i’ll be proud of myself by the end of summer)

7 ) Get out more (swimming, hanging with friends, walking, taking pictures. i don’t have any excuses, there are friends of mine in town.)

8 ) Get to a munch. At least one.

9 ) Learn the bus schedule and take the bus somewhere. Anywhere. Without worrying that i’ll miss my stop. Then take the bus back.

10 ) Watch a few big movies… Star Wars… The Matrix… Fight Club…. Any suggestions?

11 ) Learn an easy way to do my hair that looks good.

12 ) Eat healthier. (i don’t intend to cut every carb out of my diet, but thinking more vegetables and less artificial stuff. That goes hand-in-hand with cooking)

13 ) Stop being trolled. (to be trolled is to be riled up by someone on the internet. At least, that’s my definition of it, but others have slightly different definitions.)

14 ) Get organized for school. (figure out what i need and throw out or give away what i don’t so that i have very little to bring to my dorm room. i learned last semester i don’t need much.)

That’s the list right now. It’ll change, i know it will, but it’ll probably get longer rather than shorter. i’m thinking about making a page for it that’ll update, but i don’t know yet if i will. : P Today i made a shopping list, and tomorrow i’m going shopping for food for the week, but i’m not done yet! Thinking up more things to cook and getting together another trip to my college town to apply to more places tonight. i also promised a friend i’d write out a short guide to a dungeon in an MMO we play together, and i have to log in in roughly 20 minutes to gather with the other 199 people who i play with, though it’ll likely only be 120 tonight, as some of the Europeans aren’t keen on waking so early. In fact, while it’s almost 10PM here, i will log into a voice chat program and wish probably 100 people ‘good morning!!’ : ) Off to find another recipe to write down before i have to log in and meet up with my friends!

In The News

A supposedly 130-year-old woman celebrates her birthday, but can’t produce anything showing when she was born, so she can’t have the title as world’s oldest person. Am i the only one thinking ‘god, i wonder what she thinks about today’s world, in comparison with the early 1900s?’ (

The federal government started doing ‘silent raids’ fining companies who employ illegal immigrants and telling them to fire the immigrants, which i think is a good move. As the article says ‘no drama, no trauma, no families being torn apart’ (

Also, businesses using Cleveland fan’s fury against Lebron James to make a buck (