The Lost Days

The past couple of days have been very eventful for me ! : ) i’ve been learning a lot quicker than before, not only about myself but about what i want. This is mostly because i met a very kind DOM, who has been very patient with me and has been talking to me pretty much non-stop for the past couple of days, for many hours at a time.

As He and i talked, my resolve only strengthened in what i want from my Master. He pushed me very hard to consider this, which also taught me about my mental process…. i’ve never tried to explain to anyone how i think before, but it came surprisingly easily. That explained a lot to myself, as i talked my way through my thought process– and that was important because now i know how i can respond even faster ! i wouldn’t have thought about it if i wasn’t asked, which is amazing to me. In fact, a lot of our conversation was questions– a great importance was placed on questions. i feel like that’s very important between a DOM and a sub as well… There should be an open line of communication where the two can ask each other questions and be comfortable while they do so.

On top of that, another kind DOM taught me about the Gorean Lifestyle, which of course popped up on EP as soon as i googled it, but that only taught me more. From what i read, someone who follows the Gorean Lifestyle would be most interested in a slave, which i am not. That was a valuable lesson as well, and kept me on my toes– there are so many different types of people in the BDSM lifestyle ! i could probably research forever and never know everything (good thing i have time !).

i was also looking up the types of DOM’s and submissives that were out there– there are so many ! i personally will never understand a submissive that doesn’t need their Master’s love, even once in a while, and i was very surprised to find that some Masters believe that love has no place in the lifestyle ! For me, there has to be love for there to be trust… i can’t imagine myself happy in a relationship that is so impersonal– it makes me sad just thinking about it !

Mostly, over the past couple of days i’ve been at my mom’s house, so i have a lot of time on my hands. That’s a good thing for reading ‘The Story of O,’ which i’ve been asked to read by the DOM i mentioned first. Yes, Sir, it will create a very good conversation : ) once i finish it !