i’ve been really sleepy lately, you know why? Dehydration. And no matter how much i drink, i just end up feeling sick and it doesn’t go away. Annoying.

This reminded me about a thread i read before on fetlife about ways that submissives give service to their Doms. Things like ‘taking care of your body by eating right and exercising.’ It seemed interesting that those things were included on people’s lists, especially when i often find myself doing something dumb because i wasn’t thinking about myself, usually my focus is on something else. It might be a good idea for me to sit down and write out all the things i could do to give service to my Dom, especially since it’s likely we’ll be far away from one another. i thought that that realization might be useful to anyone reading this, but maybe it isn’t : P

As for anything else i’ve been thinking about: last night i was talking to Sambuddy about someone else i talk to and how they don’t ‘move forward’ in life. i remembered Sambuddy saying once before something about seeing in others what one most dislikes about themselves. So i was thinking about how i’m moving forward. Really, right now, i’m applying to places to work. However, other than that, i pretty much lurk fetlife, facebook, wander the house, and exercise when i remember about it. i’m going to keep thinking about the idea of ‘moving forward’ and make a list of things i want to get done by the end of this summer. i can cross off ‘get a toy reviewer position’ but now i have to add ‘ask the mailman at my school what box is mine again!’ Oh well, it’s not like i won’t be in that area in the near future anyhow, since i’m applying to work at places near there… As far as the connection here to D/s, i see it as part of a relationship… Growing and moving forward together. If one person isn’t doing their part, then the relationship probably won’t go anywhere. Why would anyone be interested in someone who doesn’t change (hopefully for the better)?

i just wanted to share those thoughts with the people who read my blog because i felt that they could be applied to BDSM and D/s relationships easily and if i overlooked them, i bet i’m not the only one who did : )

In the News

Scientists find out what gene in a mouse causes homosexuality. Yes, it’s a genetic difference. Why is this study being done, again? i feel like they’re pulling for a ‘cure’ by reading it. (

Then this retirement investment advisor got hundreds of retired federal agents involved in a ponzi scheme… (

And there are mountain unicyclists who just want respect : ( (

The same-sex marriage ban was lifted by the supreme court as well!! : ) (

And this article about a woman who died while masturbating that has a rather rude name, considering she died. (

More news about the possible HIV vaccine… i’m really excited about it : ) (