Thus, we tie her up.

So i really didn’t know what to write about– finals are coming up, i’m stressed beyond belief, and i really didn’t feel like looking anything up, since i have so much research to do for school. But i did remember an interest in Japanese Rope Bondage– something that made me think it might be interesting to try.

First of all, while i was reading the articles i’ll link Y/you at the end of this post, there was something brought up about “sensual sadism,” which is enjoying giving the woman pleasure. i hadn’t come across that term before. Apparently, there’s a big difference in the way men and women think during sexual acts. Men regress to an animalistic state, and women fly high above their usual state of awareness. So while i wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t completely the truth (there’s always an exception), it still makes the sensual sadist enjoy watching the woman go to such heights of pleasure.

“I absolutely love to look into the face of a woman who is in the outer limits of sensual ecstasy, hear the sounds that come from her throat, to smell her aromas, for me it is a glimpse into the divine itself. Such pleasure is, in my opinion, like a gift to women directly from God. I treat it with an almost spiritual reverence.” (

This is absolutely intriguing to me. i have always dated people who put their pleasure before mine. i can’t really imagine what it’s like to even think about my pleasure… i always thought about theirs. i can’t imagine being tied up, all my erogenous zones being pressed by the rope, my lover’s lips covering my body, His fingertips trailing between my breasts and down my stomach… Sounds great, but i really have no idea how that would feel.

Anyhow. About Japanese Rope Bondage.

It would seem that there’s a big range of types of play done while the submissive/slave is tied. As on, Y/you can see one extreme. This is where these women are violently taken, forced to drink cum and piss…. Really not my style, but i know it’s some people’s style. i haven’t watched any of these videos, but i’ll leave Y/you the link at the bottom. Also, there is the gentle style of, which focuses on the sensual sadism part of bondage. There are even un-invasive types of bondage that people wear under everyday clothes ! That sounds kinda fun, actually. : )

So, how does one tie up their partner ? i wish i could answer this correctly, but i do have a website here for Y/you, should Y/you want to look at it !! : )

This is excellent to learn how to tie the ropes, and on top of that, it has a safety section ! Better Y/you look there than i copy/paste those two things. i always feel back copy/pasting. Someone is going to miss my disclaimer one time and say that i plagiarized : (

There is actually a festival in London, having to do with Japanese Rope Bondage ! The pictures i’ve seen show that it’s more about the artistic part of the ropes, than it is the sexual part. There is a lot of art to these ropes. i can see the creations taking as long as an hour to make. This is certainly something one should prepare for, probably for a while ahead-of-time. It’s also something i can’t see someone really learning without a ‘dummy’ to test it on (me, me, me !!). : )

Here are the links to the articles and websites i visited, with a little note as to what the websites are about (so Y/you don’t get confused !!) (sensual sadism and the pleasure a man can get out of tying up His submissive.) (Violent Japanese Rope Bondage– the first page is covered in forced scenarios) (the Japanese Rope Bondage Festival !) (A great instructional site– look at all the links on it !! : ) )