Wax play

Ok, first of all, thanks to Kerry for giving me the idea to write about wax play. i knew there was so much left to talk about, but literally didn’t know where to go next. Now i have a few more ideas ; ) Anyhow, on to wax play.

As with any part of BDSM, safety comes first. The big concerns are candles tipping, things catching on fire, or the bottom burning. There’s also the little concern of whatever surface the bottom is on getting wax all over it, and getting the wax off of the bottom : )

First of all, make sure the play is done near a good, flat, stable surface that can hold the candles, wax pots, whatever else. Y/you should also make sure that there’s a tarp down to catch whatever stray bits of wax, since wax is hard to get out of carpet or bedding : P Also, make sure that the candles Y/you have chosen to play with don’t burn too hot. If Y/you need a temperature, one of the articles says 120-125 degrees Fahrenheit and  49-51 Celsius. Another things to have on hand would be a cool washcloth, in case the bottom does burn. Also, one of the articles says that it would be a good idea to cover the bottom in baby oil or mineral oil to help remove the wax. Another good thing to have is a mini fire extinguisher, which would fix any fires that might happen in the room. Keep in mind that if Y/you’re heating the wax beforehand in any device, the temperatures in any part of that device can be pretty different, so make sure Y/you stir it. Lastly, keep in mind the bottom’s or Y/your own allergies to perfumes.

On top of that, there are a few different ways to apply the wax, which basically depend on what tools Y/you want to use. There’s dripping the wax, which would probably be the safest, just don’t go too far away from the skin. If dropped from 1 meter above the bottom, the temperature drops by 5 degrees, but it’s probably going to splatter if Y/you do that, so be careful. Also, one can pour the wax onto the bottom, but be sure not to let it pool anywhere, because the bottom can get badly burned if that happens. The same goes for ladling. Painting and feathering might be the most fun for the Top in the situation. In one of the articles, it talks about the bottom having had some rather beautiful designs on her back, but i couldn’t find pictures like that on google to share : ( Lastly, keep in mind the parts of the body that the Top is putting hot wax on, because depending on the bottom’s pain tolerance, they may not be able to take it on certain parts of the body. The parts thought to be ‘advanced’ areas would be nipples, genitals, and the inner thighs. It’s recommended to start at the shoulders and work Y/your way to the belly.

On top of just wax play, there are several things brought up that can be done with or before or after it. For instance, when wax gets in the hair on the bottom’s body, one article said that she had heard of Tops flogging off the wax. she seemed to think this wasn’t a good idea, though. Other ways suggested to remove wax were with a dull knife or a card. Another idea brought up was ice, along with the wax, which would make a very interesting sensation… If this is Y/your plan, bring a bowl of ice when Y/you start, along with all the other tools.

That’s all i’ve got : ) Time to work on another idea that i got from one of the websites… This should be a really fun idea !!! Check in tomorrow.